The Grouchy Ladybug by Eric Carle
       Story and Picture Designed by Kelly Sahlbom

    The  book The Grouchy Ladybug  by  Eric Carle is about a ladybug who is very grouchy. It all started one early morning when the grouchy ladybug is munching on aphids. He saw that another ladybug was on the same leaf and refused to share.
    It tried to scare off the ladybug by saying it would fight him for the aphids, but much to the grouchy ladybugs surprise, the friendly ladybug was not afraid. So it went in search of someone "big enough" to fight!
    The ladybug flew around and came across many animals and bugs. It asked each one, "do you want to fight?" but then would decide that none of them were big enough to fight. Some of the animals he encountered on his flight were a bee, a beetle, a skunk, and many more.
    So, what do you think will happen to the ladybug? Will he finally find someone big enough to fight? Or will he realize that he needs to be more friendly?

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