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  Designed by: Katy Roberson

    My name is Katy Roberson. I am a junior at Valdosta State University majoring in Special Education and Early Childhood. This is my fisrt year in the education program here at Valdosta State University. I am enjoying the experience of being in a classroom with students and teaching them. I am from Doulgas, Ga,  and I have my Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education. I love being around and working with children, I can truely say teaching is my passion. I have wanted to be a teacher my entire life! I am so excited that I am finally getting close to accomplishing that goal.

    One of my favorite hobbies that I really enjoy is photography. I love taking pictures as well as being in them. My favorite place to take pictures is ar0und the farm I grew up on. I love seeing and taking pictures of all the beautiful nature and land that surounds the farm. My favorite people to take pictures of and even with are my family and friends. Both my family and friends are important to me, and play a vital role in my everyday life. I do not know where I would be if not for them!

    I have been in more classrooms lately, and I have noticed that most of the teacher's I oberserve use some form of technology to teach. It simply amazes me how much technology is not intergrated into the schools.  I have also noticed that more and more teaches use the computers to help out, when it comes to writing up lesson plans and getting activities to go along with those lessons. TeAchnology and Lesson Plan Search are two very helpful and great websites that have tons of ideas and tips for lesson plans.


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