This TopicQuest was designed for Miss Smith's Pre-Kindergarten Class
at Lowndes I Head Start By: Kelly Rakestraw, a Valdosta State University
Preservice Teacher.

Our Everyday Alphabet

Hey Boys & Girls!!! Miss Kelly & Miss Smith know how hard you all have been working to learn your ABC's. You have been doing a WONDERFUL job & we are so proud of you! Here are 10 fun sites we can go to & learn more about letters, their sounds, fun pictures, & activities for every letter. I'LL BEAT YOU THERE!!!!



This is a fun sites to refresh you about your ABC's. Click on each letter to reveal the letters, a picture for each letter, and a fun sentence.
Go to ABC activities, click on animals & letter, then click on the letters one-by-one. You can print out the pages, color them, & practice your letters on the lines provided below. Since we're learning teachers can click here to find educational sites to use.
Hey Guys! Go here to pick your letters and print out fun pages filled with pictures begining with the letter of your choice.
Hungry? Click on the letters and you will hear each letter said, along with a picture and word provided for you.
Come along to the OakLand Zoo. Learn about hundreds of live animals from A-Z & back again.
Play a game of memory with the alphabet! 4 pictures for every letter will be presented. Do you have a good memory?
Learn your ABC's with the dinosaurs. Did you know an Apatosaurus was bigger than your school bus?While you're here check out the Encyclopedia for more information on dinosaurs.
Click here to be taken to a world of alphabet animals. Scroll through the letters to see what animals will be shown.
Play with a virtual alphabet. Click on the letter, learn pictures, & fun songs to help you remember your letters.
Have a little ABC finger fun. Click here & go to art book. Here you use primary colors & handprints to learn your colors and the letter each color begins with. If you know more than primary colors go further!!!

Scenario  Mission
      Hey Guys! Now it's time to get down to business with theses ABC's. First, think about the alphabet very carefully. Have your teacher provide you with a pencil and paper, on the paper write your ABC's. I want you to then go back to the second website provided at the top or click here and look at all the pictures provided for you. STUDY THEM CAREFULLY because you are about to print, color,& publish your very own ALPHABET BOOKS!

Mission Steps

1.) Once you're at the Alphabet Soup site you can start with your favorite letter or any letter of your choice. This will take us longer than one day to make so we can take our time and do our best work. 
2.) Once you have chosen your favorite letter, click on the letter page you want to start with.
3.) Go to the print button above and print out your first page.
4.) Once printed, trace the letter on the page and cut it out.
5.) Next, color the pictures from the page of your choice. Be sure to pick pictures that really help you remember your letters well.
6.) When your pictures are colored cut them out.
7.) We will repeat these steps for every letter.
8.) Have the teacher provide you with glue and construction paper. Glue each letter with a corresponding picture to each page.
9.) Once you have finished glueing you can the bind the book together with bracets.
10.) ENJOY & use for months to come with practicing your ABC's. It's also fun to exchange your books with friends and learn from their books too!

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