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    I am excited to be working with Pre-K at Lowndes I Head Start
 located in Valdosta, Ga. I was placed with a wonderful teacher Miss Traci Smith and her classroom aide, Mrs. Mobely. There are fifteen rambunctious, four year olds in her room. There are eleven girls and four boys.

    Their days are very structured beginning with breakfast at 8:15am. After breakfast they have their daily lessons accompanied by several hands-on activities. When they have completed their assigned lessons they can go to a center of their choice. There are five centers in the classroom. The art center with painting and drawing, the Library where they can free read, the puzzle and small toy center, the kitchen/ house center, and the blocks center. Only four students are allowed in each center at one time. When they get finished playing it's time for lunch.

    They clean themselves up and head to the cafeteria. After lunch they are given time to play outside on the playground if the weather permits. When they come back in they do a small review of the day, then are laid down to their naps, which last a little over an hour.

    When nap time is over the class is given a small snack and asked to help clean up from the day. Each child is responsible for getting together their book bags, papers, coat, etc. While waiting for their parent or bus to arrive Miss Smith plays a record on the record player. The children are allowed to dance in the center of the room on a large rug. They have a blast dancing to songs like The Hokie Pokie and The Freeze!


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