Pooh and Piglet having fun with ABC's and 123's!
This TopicQuest was designed for Ms. Soper Kindergarten Class at Moulton Branch Elementary School By Kerry Moore,
a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher
                                            pooh and piglet                                           

Did you know that every letter of the alphabet makes a different sound?  Each letter has its own unique sound and that is how we know it apart from the other letters.  Letters also help us identify objects, if you put together a group of letters it makes a word.  Click on the links below to help Pooh and Piglet with their ABC's and counting skills.

1. Before you do anything you might want to know where the alphabet came from and its meaning.  The encyclopedia will tell you everything you need to know about the work "alphabet."
2. To help you review the alphabet, play the ABCow game and find all of the letters that are missing.  I think the cows keeps eating them!  Is counting from 1-10 easy for you?  Also,  you can count the fish and pick the number that matches with the number of fish on the page!
3. If you forget what a letter or a number looks like, let Professor Finkel help you!  Just click on the letter or number that you do not recognize and he will gladly tell you what it is.
4.  Count the Pink Bunnies is a picture book that will help you count the number of  bunnies!  On each page the bunnies are doing something different!  So, click on the book to read a counting story!
pooh and piglet reading
5.  This website goes through the alphabet and if you click on the letter it will say it for you.  Each letter is in a different color too!  That might help you remember the letters easier!
6.  This website will show you the many different kinds of animals that start with different letters.  Click here to learn more about which animals start with which letter!

Mission Activity

Imagine that your on Farmer Brown's farm and he has lost all of his pigs!  You need to help him make new pigs to fill up his farm.  Let Professor Finkle help you remember what the letter Pp looks like.  Write the letter Pp on your pig so Farmer Brown will know those are his new pigs!  After writing the letter Pp on your pig on the back show that you can write more "P" words!  For example: write the word Pig, Pooh, and Pink.  Also, you can use the link for the alphabet to help you remember your ABC's to help you know which letter is P!

Mission Steps

1.  Visit the link above so you can be reminded what the letter P looks like.

2.  Use the paper plate and other materials provided by the teacher to make your special pig for Famer Brown.

3.  After you have completed your pig, don't forget to write the letter P in the middle of the pigs stomach and your other "P" words on the back of your pig.  Practice writing the letter first so it will be really neat!