What Could That BEE?

This TopicQuest was designed for Ms. Lou Bridges Kindergarten Class at Garrison Pilcher Elementary School by Katie Mathis, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher


    Bees are social insects that help plants grow. On our field trip to the Ochlocknee Ridge Farms in Moultrie, Georgia, we learned that bees fly inside of the flower pumpkin and then carry pollen to the flower of the girl pumpkin and this pollinates the pumpkin.  This will make the pumpkin grow.  Bees also make honey that we can eat.  They produce honey and store it for food in the hive during the long winter months when flowers are not blooming.  Look at some of these webistes and learn more about bees!!  


1.  Do you know what the body of a bumble bee looks like in detail?  Did you know bee's had hair?
   2. Did you know that bees were social animals?  They live in colonies that may have several hundred other bees living there, too.  WOW!!  That is a house full!
 3. What color are bumble bees?  They are mostly black and yellow.  
 4.  Beehives have queens!! The queen is the only one that lives for a long time.  I thought only castles had queens!!
    5.  Encyclopedia's are good sources of information.  Here is a link to encyclopedia.com that says bees communicate or talk to each other by dancing.  Have you ever seen a bumble bee dance or do you like to dance?
    6.   There are many books about bees, here are a few to choose from.  Books are fun to read, especially about bees.  Take a look and pick out a few books that are your favorite!    
7.  Do you know the different places bees might live?  They live in bee hives but the hive may be built in an old mattress or even a car!!  I did not know bees could sleep on a comfortable mattress! 
8.  How would you like to color a picture of a bumble bee?  Here is a really cute coloring page that you can color and take home!
9.  Did you know that the BUZZ noise bees make is their wings flapping together really fast?   That is so neat!! 
10.  Here is a fun website that has a picture a bees body that you can color and it says that bumble bees have tongues that they use to suck nector.  Nector is a sweet liquid made by flowers and they turn the nector into honey.  They use their tongue to drink nector like we drink from a straw!   

Here are some additional webistes that you might find intersting and fun!!


Let's pretend we are a BUMBLE BEE!!  Bumble bees fly everywhere and pollinate flowers so they can grow and have beautiful blooms.  Why don't we put on our bumble bee wings and go for a flight around the school?!  You can fly outside or even to the lunchroom.  After exploring the world through the eyes of a bumble bee, we are going to draw a picture of our beehive,a flower that we would like to pollinate and we are going to decide what we would like to eat.  When we return to the classroom the next day back in our body- not as a bumble bee, we are going to draw a picture of our beehive, or home, the flower or tree we pollinated, and write a sentece telling what we ate when we were bumble bees.
Mission Steps
1.  First we are going to put on our imaginary bee wings.
2.  With our bee wings we are going to fly around the school and look for a fun place to build our beehive, look for flowers we would like to pollinate to help grow into beautiful flowers and we are going to look for some yummy things to eat!!
3.  The next day when we return to school, not as bumble bees, we are going to draw a picture of our beehive, the flower we are pollinating, and write a sentene about the meal we consumed as bumble bees.
4.  Once the pictures are drawn and the sentences are written, the teacher will collect them and place them on the internet for you to show everyone!    




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