Ten Little Ladybugs
Paint Picture and Story by:  Katie Mathis


Ten Little Ladybugs
By:  Melanie Gerth

9 ladybugs

  Ten Little Ladybugs is a picture board book that aids with counting to help young children.  The words in the book rhyme and the pictures are very detailed.  This boardbook has repition that aids with memorization.
    There starts out being 10 bugs sitting on a vine but along came a butterfly and then there were nine.  There were nine ladybugs sitting on a gate, along came a catepillar and then there were eight.  Eight ladybugs looking up to Heaven, along came a bird and then there were seven.  Seven ladybugs nestled on a stick, a grasshopper came along and then there were six.  Six ladybugs were flying around near a beehive, along came a bumblebee and then there were five.  Five ladybugs sleeping by the shore, a fish came along and then there were four.  Four little ladybugs were climbing up a tree, a turtle came along and then there were three left.  Three little ladybugs were drinking some dew, along came a duck and then there were two.  Two little ladybugs were basking in the sun, a frog came along and then there was one.  The last ladybug was sitting all alone, a breeze came along and then there was...    

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