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By:  Katie
   My field experience will be done at Garrison Pilcher Elementary School in Thomasville, Georgia.  Garrison Pilcher accomodates grades K-2 only.  The facitlity and staff at Garrison Pilcher are wonderful.  I am honored to be a part of Ms. Lou Bridges' "busy bees" kindergarten class with Mrs. Doris Lea as her helpful paraprofessinal.  Mrs. Bridges and Mrs. Lea have been working in the education field for many years. 


    Our day is full of many activites with the first one being breakfast in the classroom.  This is a new technique used so that each child has adequate amount of time to eat breakfast and so they can be assisted with eating.   After breakfast we pause for the morning annoucements that includes saying the Pledge of Alligence, singing the National Anthem, a moment of silence and annoucments of birthdays.  Then we have a bathroom break and attend art, music, or P.E.  When returning to the classroom, we review the days of the week, months of the year, numbers, seasons, and colors just to name a few.  A lesson on numbers or letters is done next that involves worksheets that allows the students to color, cut and paste.  Everything is done is an orderly manner and everyone listens and follows directions very well. 

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    Being a part of kindergarten is alot of fun.  Each child is full of energy and is unique in his/her own way.  The children are very loving and excited to see me in the mornings.  I enjoy being apart of these children's lives and I look forward to spending more time with the children throughout the semester. 




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