This TopicQuest was designed for Mrs. Tinsley's Kindergarden class at Moulton Branch Elementary School
By Keri Arnold, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher.


Do you know the letters of the alphabet?  Do you know what sound each letter makes?  These websites can help you learn all the letters, their sounds, and even how to write them. There are also so really fun games and different animals to look at.  So have fun exploring the alphabet!

Do you know how to write all of your letters?
Check out this website by clicking on the pencil
 and it will show you how to write each letter.
Do you like Clifford?  He can help you to match
words by different letters.  Click on Clifford and
check out this website.
There are many different kinds of animals and their names start with many different letters.  Click on the pig to explore the many animals of the alphabet.
If you want to hear the sounds of the letters this is just what you need.  Click on the A-man and explore.
On this site you can pick out different pictures that begin with different letters of the alphabet. Click on the abc icon to explore.
To find out what the alphabet is all about and what it means, click on the alphabet icon to look in the enyclopedia.

Imagine that you are a wild animal.  Choose a wild animal whose name starts with the first letter of your name.  Such as Leo the Lion.  Also, pick four other animals that you would like to live in your jungle.

Mission Steps

1.  First, look at the animal website to get some ideas about animals that names start with different letters of the alphabet.
2.  Then decide what animal you will be and what other five animals will live in your jungle.
3.  Use paper and crayons to draw your jungle which includes the animal that you are and the other five animals that you picked.
4.  Write the names of the animals beside them.

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