Pointing the Way to a Brighter Future
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    Hi! Welcome to my web page: "Pointing the Way to a Brighter Future." My name is Kristina Turner. I am currently a student at Valdosta State University. I am in the Early Childhood and Special Education Department, majoring in Early Childhood Education. I have wanted to be a teacher since I was a little girl, and am excited to finally achieve my goal. I was inducted into the Kappa Delta Phi Honor Society for Education in 2007, and I am honored to be a part of an elite group.

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    I have a wonderful husband named Paul, and a beautiful daughter named Kaylee. I also have a German Shorthaired Pointer named Lucky. Lucky loves to hunt birds! We take him out every few weekends to Wild Wings Kennel to play with other hunting dogs, and take his turn to go find quail. When I'm not working or sitting in a classroom, I love spending time with my family doing anything from watching a movie together to taking a vacation. One of my favorite places I have visited, and would love to go back to one day is, Discovery Cove. Swimming with the dolphins was an incredible experience that I will never forget. I also love going to Savannah, Georgia. I like to walk through the town squares, and along River Street.

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    I am excited about my future in teaching, and look forward to making a difference in the lives of children. I feel that every child is capable of learning, and I hope to be the one to lead the way. I know one site that will help me in the future is the website on Georgia Performance Standards. Another website that I found to have a plethora of great resources is School Express. There are a pluthera of free downloads worksheets, and lesson plan ideas.

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