Pilgrim Party!!!

This TopicQuest was des
igned for Miss Everson's Kindergarten Class at Sallas Mahone Elementary School  by Kevin Stone, a Valdosta State University Preservice teacher.

                                                           Topic Quest Introduction
We're going to be learning about Thanksgiving today!  How much  do you know about Thanksgiving?  What kind of foods does your family eat on Thanksgiving? Have you ever heard about the first Thanksgiving almost four hundred years ago? We're going to be learning about that today!  Have you learned about the Pilgrims and Indians' first Thanksgiving yet? Today we're going to  be learning about the first Thanksgiving and the Pilgrims. Are you ready to begin? Do you know how the Pilgrims dressed and what kind of foods they ate at the first Thanksgiving?

1. Have you ever heard about the first Thanksgiving? Do you know when and where the first Thanksgiving between the Indians and the Pilgrims took place? Would you like to learn more about the first Thanksgiving? Click on Thanksgiving, the one underlined!

2. Have you ever wondered how the pilgrims and Indians  lived four hundred years ago? Do you know what kind of clothes they wore? To find out more, click on pilgrims! Would you like to wear clothes like these?

3. What do you like to eat on Thanksgiving? Did you know that the Pilgrims and Indians did not have a lot of foods we eat today at the first Thanksgiving? Can you believe that they did not have the ingredients to make pumpkin pie way back then?

4. Do you know the name of the ship used by the Pilgrims to come to the New World? Would you like to find out more? Do you know how long the Pilgrims' trip on the Atlantic Ocean took before they finally arrived? Click on the picture this time!

5. Have you ever heard about the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade? Every year it is one of the largest parades in the world, with hundreds of thousands of people attending the event. Find out more about the parade by clicking on the area above highlighted in blue. 

6.Do you know where the Pilgrims landed when they finally arrived in  the New World? It's  a town in the state of Massachusetts called Plymouth Rock. Could you find it on the map?

7.How much do you know about turkeys? Do you know how many years old a turkey can live to? Have you ever wondered what a turkey eats? If you have ever asked yourself these questions, gobble on over to the web site, an online encyclopedia..

8. Would you like to play some cool games about Thanksgiving? Would it be fun to pretend you were a turkey for awhile? It would? Then gobble, gobble, chirp, chirp!

9.  Would like to read about what the expert Earl said about the first Thanksgiving? Earl is an expert on everything! Do you know anyone like that, besides me, I mean, Just kidding!

10. Would you like to take a quiz to test your knowledge about Thanksgiving facts? Some of these questions are really hard, even for your parents. So remember it's all about learning! Click on quiz!
Scenario Mission

The Pilgrims are worried that people are forgetting about them more and more as time goes by.  A messenger  Pilgrim has been sent from the past to  ask you  to  tell about their  ways and  how they used  to celebrate Thanksgiving. The Pilgrims want you to show everyone in Valdosta, Georgia how they dressed. The Pilgrims also want you to  tell Valdosta about the types of food that they ate on the first ThanksgivingPretend that you are a reporter for the Valdosta paper.

Mission Steps
1. Click  on Clothes  to see how the Pilgrims and Indians  dressed at the first Thanksgiving.
2. Draw and color a picture of you dressed up as a Pilgrim at the first Thanksgiving.
3. Click on foods to see if the  food you want to draw and color was included in the first Thanksgiving.
4. Draw a small picture of the food. It's okay to ask Mr. Stone for help to figure out if the Pilgrims ate the type of food that you have in mind.  The Pilgrims thank you very much for passing on their
traditions and ways. Great job, reporters!!
5. Tell me what you want to write in your article about the Pilgrims' first Thanksgiving and I will write it for you, since you are a busy reporter!

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