Charlotte's Web
By E.B. White
Paint Picture and Story designed by: Kevin Stone

      Charlotte's Web begins when a little pig is born to the Arables on their farm. This pig is so little that he is known as the "runt of the litter" and Little Avery Arable said that he looked like a "little white rat". Little Fern Arable loved animals and couldn't bear for her father to give him away. She took him inside and began to feed the baby pig out of little bottles like she would with a real baby!! She decided to name him Wilbur.
     Wilbur grew and grew and when he was about two months old Fern's father thought it was too expensive to keep feeding him, so he sold Wilbur to the Zuckermans  for $6.00. Fern and Wilbur were both real upset but the Zuckermans lived closeby so she  and Wilbur were still able to see each other often. Fern would go down to the Zuckermans and just sit and talk to Wilbur. Wilbur was a  very special pig, he could  talk!
         Wilbur had trouble making friends with the geese and sheep and horses. He was very lonely
, especially on days that Fern did not visit. He finally made a best friend, though, a beautiful, clever spider named Charlotte!! Wilbur found out that Mr. Zuckerman was planning on eating him for Christmas Day, that's  just what happens to pigs! Charlotte spent all of her energy figuring  out a way to save Wilbur's life and she finally did it!! How  did she do this? I  won't tell because I want you to read it yourself when you are a little older, and I don't want to spoil your fun!!

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