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   My name is Kevin Stone. I am from Fitzgerald, Georgia. I am majoring in Early  Childhood Education. I love fishing and football. I play golf and I am an avid reader. I am a member of Dr. Judd's ECED 3000 class at  Valdosta
State University.


I have visited London twice and New York several times. I love to travel to large cities and the mountains as well. I have visited Miami several times as well as Alaska. Where would you most like to visit? I love to go to the beach to swim and  waterski. St. Augustine, Florida is my favorite beach to visit. I was lucky enough to visit Paris, France; the food and scenery were excellent, although I spoke no French which made some things a little difficult. Visiting museums and exploring old castles, however, was a blast.


I love animals and I currently have two cats, but in the  past I have also had parakeets, hamsters, dogs, and guinea pigs. My cats are named Kitty and Black Kitty. Both are strays and Kitty took up at our house first. When "Black Kitty" later became a member of our family, my three year old niece named her Black Kitty, as Kitty is white. We fed them so they decided to stay, and they have been sweet and loyal pets, especially loyal around dinnertime!!                                         
                                                                                                                                                                           Dino_player                                       Kick
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