Baby Animals
This TopicQuest was designed for Ms.Melinda Smith's First Grade Class at Northside Primary School By Kayse Layfield, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher


Spring is a season for life.
Flowers are blooming, birds are singing, and many of natures animals are born during this time.Click on the links below to learn interesting facts about your favorite animal.

Did you know:

  • The pig is NOT a dirty animal. Given the opportunity, it will remain extremely clean.
  • Pigs do not sweat - they do not have sweat glands.
  • Click here for some more amazing facts.  Barynyard Palace
    julia  Learn about Juila the pot belly pig. Julia's Story

    All about farm animals
    What are ducks?  How does a baby duck clean itself? Do you know what a duck say? Listen to the sound of ducks quacking. Click here to find the answers and to learn more amazing facts.
    Although fawns can walk, they spend their first few weeks hidden in the forest. Click here to learn about baby deers, bear cubs, bob cat kit and many more baby animals. Smoky Mountain Animals
    Click on this link to learn the proper names for farm animals and their babies. You can also listen to a horse.   Dept. of Agriculture

    A pinky is a baby mouse. Do you what to learn more? Then click on World Almanac for Kids. It is a great resource for baby animal information.
     On Line Baby Animal Book
    Enjoy this colorful ebook and learn the names of a few baby farm animals
    calendar BABYKITTENS Count Down The Days On This Farm Animal Calendar
    Personalize the calendar & color the animals

    Mission Activity
    Now that you know many facts about different baby animals take a minute and pretend you live on a big farm.
    What kind of animals do you have? How many of them our babies? What are your animals names? Which animal is your favorite? What kind of sounds do your animals make?


     What kind of animal is this? Do you have one on your farm?

    Mission Steps

    1.   Click on Barynyard Palace to learn amazing facts.

    2.   View the kiddyhouse to learn all about farm animals.

    3.   View the Department of Agriculture website to learn the    
          proper names for the farm animals and their babies.

    4.   Imagine you and your family live on a huge farm with many
          diferent animals. Tell me all about your animals.

    5.   Draw me a picture of your farm with all your animals.

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