Daddy and Me
A Reel Fishy Story
Paint Picture and Story Designed By: Kayse  Layfield


    One bright morning, Rick said to Blake, “I think I shall go fishing.”

“But you never catch any fish,” Blake pointed out. “Well, why don’t

you come with me?” Rick suggested. “Maybe you’ll bring me good

luck.” “I don’t know if I can bring you luck,” Blake answered. “But I

would love to go.”

    Blake and his daddy drove to the river. They settled down

comfortably in the boat and off they went down the river. After

arriving to their favorite spot to fish, called “the honey hole” Blake cast

his line into the river. Soon Blake felt a hard jerk on his fishing pole.

“I’ve caught a big one!” he shouted. “Daddy, look!” Blake reeled and

pulled with all his might but he felt the big fish run with his line. Help,

daddy! Help me!” Blake cried. No son, you are doing a fanatics job.

“Reel-it, you are doing it son, just keep reeling. After a few minutes the

biggest fish Blake had ever seen popped out of the water. Daddy Look,

it is humongous! What kind of fish is it, Blake asked? Son, you have

just caught your first bass. Weighing in at three-pounds Blake could

hardly lift him.

    All excited Blake said, “Lets’ go home and show mamma”. The

excitement and pride Rick felt when his son caught the big fish is

something they both will cherish together forever.


Critical thinking questions to ask students that would change your story to their story:

1. How would you change the main character? (introduction)
2. Where would your story take place? (setting)
3. What would happen to the main character in your story? (plot)
4. How would your story end? (ending)

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