This TopicQuest was designed for Ms. Diamond's Kindergarten Class
at Lake Park Elementary School By Kami Dykes,
a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher.

traffic light

Have you ever wondered how many ways there are to travel?  There are tons of ways to get places.  We are going to invesigate a few of those ways.  Did you know that when you walk, you are traveling?  When you ride to school on the bus, you are also traveling.  These are only a few of the many ways people travel.

Bike Quiz
Do you think you know how to be safe when riding your bike?  You can take Simon's Safety Quiz, or you can brush up on your bicycle safety tips.
flying plane
Check out the Boeing Kids Page!  You can color, play games, or find out about the wonder of flight!  This page is full of fun activities!
safety city
Visit Vince and Larry's Safety City!  Take a tour of the town and see the different types of transportation.

car running
Transportation Wonderland has every way of transportation you can imagine!  Click on one of the many different links and learn something new about how to travel.
Have you ever been on a boat?  Well, if you have or haven't, take a look at these safety tips.  They may save your life one day!

propellar plane

Watch out!  It's Jay-Jay the Jet Plane!  And he's about to land on your computer screen.  Check him out and have some fun!

school bus

If you ride a school bus or a public bus you need to check out this page.  It is full of safety tips for getting on an off the bus.  Also, tips for walking to the subway station.  It is always important to be safe.
Otto wants you to come play with him in his playground!  You can click away and take a tour of his town and meet all of his friends along the way!

the chevron car emblem

Have you seen these cars when your parents are filling up their cars with gasoline?  Did they buy you one at the gas station?  Learn about the Chevron Cars and you can play some games for a chance to win one to keep for yourself.
modern looking train

Have you ever been on a train?  Or have you ever wondered about the railroad system?  You can find all the answers at Encarta Encylopedia.

Scenario Mission
Imagine that you are an illustrator for a travel magazine.  You are taking a trip to Paris and you will have to use many modes of transportation to get there.  Think about all the different modes of transportation you will use.  Go to the Transportation Wonderland website to help you decide what type of transportation you will use.  You will be asked to draw your favorite type of transportation you used on your trip and tell your magazine publisher why that mode of transportation was your favorite. 

Mission Steps
1.  Go to the Transportation Wonderland website. 
2.  Decide how many modes of transportation you will use in order to get to Paris.
3.  Choose one of the modes of transportation you used during your trip and draw a picture of it.
4.  Tell your magazine publisher (your preservice teacher)  why that particular mode of transportation was your favorite.

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