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Welcome to my homepage. I am Kelli Lawson and I am a Junior at Valdosta State University majoring in  Early Childhood Education. After graduation, I plan on teaching in the public school system and enjoying a class of my own!

I am from Snellville, Georgia-"where everybody is somebody."  I graduated from Brookwood High School in May of 2001. While in high school, I participated in numerous activities on campus. I loved high school but when the time came, I was ready for my college experience.


I enjoy spending time with my family whenever I get the chance. I am very close to my cousins and our families frequently go on vacations together. We have been places like Los Angeles, New York, Orlando and even London. Our favorite place to go is Seacrest Beach in Florida. We go after Christmas every year and enjoy the beauty and peacefulness of such a gorgeous beach. In my spare time I love to scrapbook! It is a great stress reliever!

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I love music! I listen to it all the time! My favorite artist of all time is John Mayer. He is from the Atlanta area just like me! I have been to so many of his concerts and I have loved every minute of them. Any time you have a chance to see him you should. He is truely amazing!

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I am looking forward to having a classroom of my own in a couple of years. I cannot wait to become a teacher and give to the students the same great experiences my wonderful teachers gave me. I feel it is my calling and it is going to be such a rewarding career.

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