Digging Up Dino Bones
This TopicQuest was designed for Harrison,  Zane and Alex
By Karen Barlow, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher

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Have you ever seen a real dinosaur?  A walking, talking, breathing dinosaur?  Of course not, because they became extinct thousands of years ago.  We can learn about dinosaurs today because people have been digging up dino bones.   Scientists who study dinosaurs can put the bones back together so we can see how big and tall they were.   Artists can look at the bones and then draw pictures so we can get an idea of what dinosaurs might have looked like.  Do you want to learn more about dinosaurs? This webpage is made just for you to have fun discovering the amazing world of dinosaurs.   Click on the links below and you can begin to 'dig up dino bones' too! 

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      This site has very interesting facts and pictures of dinosaurs.  After you read it, check out the games, do a  puzzle or print out a neat coloring page!    Write your friends a secret note with dinosaur footprints!                     


Want to know how big a T-rex is? Do you know what a stegosaurus used his plates for?  Come to this site and get your fill of dinosaur facts!


Have you ever seen a dinosaur snapping his jaws or running straight at you?  Now you can with Encyclopedia Britannica's  IMAX theater.  Just click on any of the pictures for a DINO-mite day at the movies!

Here is a site you will dig!   It was made by a kid just for kids.   Check out these awesome animations!

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Would you like to play a game?   Then pack your bags and head for Clever Island.  Are you a survivor?

Are you ready to go on a dinosaur dig?  Get out your shovel for loads of fun!

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Mission Project

You have been chosen by the Secretary of Secret Places for a very special mission.   Once every 100 years, a top secret doorway to the Land of Dinosaurs opens and only one person is allowed to go through it and spend the day.   You will choose one dinosaur as your favorite and bring back information about it.   You will gather three fabulous facts you learned about the dinosaur.  You will also draw a picture to show us what it looked like.  It's up to you to help us learn about Dinosaurs!  Be careful!

Mission Steps

  1. You will visit this website that tells you everything you will need to know to succeed in your mission.
  2. Write three fabulous facts about your favorite dinosaur.
  3. Take your time and draw a colorful picture of your favorite dinosaur.
  4. Give your notes and picture to your teacher so she can show them to the class. 

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Thank you to Kidsturn for the fantastic dino clips!!