This page was made especially for Mrs. Peters fourth and fifth graders at West Gordon Elementary School by Kena Yarbrough, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher.

1. Visitgeocities.com to save theBLUE WHALES, the largest animals on Earth.  Learn interesting facts about whales at this site, while listening to a "catchy" tune!!!

2.  While you are learning about whales, why don't you join the whale club?

3.  Go to underwaterworld.com. Find out fun facts, take a tour, or learn general information about the underwater world.

4.  Watch movies of real life under water at actwin.com.  See how jellyfish, anchovies, and much more react in their natural habitats.

5.  Look up ocean animals here to find out about invertebrates, sea turtles  and many more.  You will see things that you have never seen before!!!

6.  Click on this site to follow a sea turtle through the beauty and danger of the ocean.  This makes learning fun and interesting!!!

7.  Learn about creatures of the sea, do fun activities, and look at underwater photography at this site.

8.  If you like to play computer games, join us in the fun at this site.  This site has fish games for elementary school children!

9.  If you want to see real life marine life click here!  This site has interesting facts about all kinds of marine life, just choose one.

10. To see live underwater footage click on the crittercam.  This is a fun and educational site for studying marine life!

1.  Describe Activity Pretend that you are a teacher and you are teaching a lesson on sea life.  Go to several of the web sites above and search for information on the sea animal of your choice.(Ocean Animals is a good site to go to for this activity)  Collect several facts about your animal and list them on a sheet of paper.  At the bottom of the paper, draw a picture of the animal you chose and name it.  When you have finished, present this information to the class.
2.  Grade Level Fifth
3.  Subject Area Life Science and Language Arts
4.  Georgia's QCC Standards QCC: 5.18 
Life Science 
Compare similarities and differences in animal groups. 
QCC: 5.33 
Language Arts 
Distinguishes between fact and fiction.
1.  Describe Activity Pretend that you a a reporter for your local newspaper.  Your boss, Mrs. Peters, has given you an assignment of a lifetime.  You are to visit the deep blue sea and report back on all that you have seen and learned.  She wants you to compare the ocean and where you live.  She also wants you to mention the things that you saw while you were there.(jellyfish, sea turtles, whales, etc.)  Good luck on your trip.
2.  Grade Level Fifth Grade 
3.  Subject Area Literature and Geography
4.  Georgia's QCC Standards QCC: Literature #19:  Reads a variety of materials for information and pleasure. 

QCC: Geography #5:  Names various ways that regions may be identified.

 This is a picture of a whale diving into the ocean.  One of my students favorite sea animals was the whale so he chose to do the activity on the whale.  We went to the Ocean Animals link and looked up interesting facts about whales.  He and his classmates have been studying the ocean since I was here last, so he already knew tons of information about whales.  I really enjoyed going to West Gordon and having this experience.  The students said that they also enjoyed having me there.  The was a wonderful opportunity.


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