The Pumpkin Patch
This Topic Mini-Research Web Page was developed for Mrs.  Morris' Kindergarten Class at Berrein Primary School
 Designed By Kerri Willis, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher.


pumpkin patch
Where did pumpkins originate?  Do they grow all over the world?  Click here to learn where pumpkins came from and how big they can get!
pumpkin pie
What type of foods do pumpkins make?  When are pumpkins grown?  Click here to find out when pumpkins grow and what type of foods they can make!
squash and pumpkins
Are pumpkins a type of squash?  What state grows the most pumpkins?  Click here to find out fun facts about Pumpkins!
field of pumpkins
Are pumpkins considered a plant? How many leaves does a pumpkin have?  Click here to find out what pumpkins really are!

Pumpkin Patch Real World Activity
We're taking a hay ride to a Pumpkin Patch today!  When we get to the pumpkin patch we're going to investigate the colors and shapes of pumpkins, and to see how big the pumpkins can get!!!  After our visit to the pumpkin patch you will create your own pumpkin poster with a partner!

Steps to Complete Real World Activity
1.  Choose a partner and collect all of your materials:
*construction paper
*green construction paper for leaves or vines
2.  You and Your partner will pretend that you own a pumpkin patch!  Next, you will make a poster to advertise your pumpkin patch.  Go to this website to see interesting facts and pictures of pumpkins.
3.  On your poster you need:
*You need to draw a pumpkin
*The word 'Pumpkin' written at the top of your poster
*Three interesting facts about your pumpkin patch and your pumpkins!


pumpkin boy
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