Butterflies in the Spring

This Topic Mini-Research And Literature Web Page
 was developed for for Mrs. Demmons first grade class
at Clyattville Elementary School!
Designed By: Katie Waller, a Valdosta State University pre service teacher.

Paint Picture

In the spring there are always beautiful butterflies fluttering around.  Do you ever wonder where butterflies come form?  Step by step stages on how a butterfly comes about.
Colorful Garden
In the spring flowers bloom.  Do you know all that is takes to make a garden grow? Look at all the different information on flowers how they grow and how you can care for your own garden!
Butterfly on Flower
Exploring Butterflies
There is lots of exploring to be done.  Find out all the facts and information you want to know about butterflies. Don't you want to see a picture of the largest butterfly?
Discover the Butterfly
Do you know all the parts of a butterfly? What are the different processes that a butterfly goes through?  Take the time to discover.

Topic Mini-Research Real World Activity
The city newspaper wants to know where a butterfly comes from.  They have asked for our class to be the once to inform the public.  We are going to have to use all the information we have learned to create an article and a picture to be published in the paper.  In the article ther must be at least three sentences and a picture that will describe where a butterfly comes from.  The city wants to know how we are getting these big beautiful.  It is important that we do our best work for the newspaper that everyone will be reading!

Steps to Complete Real World Activity
1.  Go to the web sites provided to learn all about butterflies.  What is the butterfiles  life cycle they go through?
2. Take notes if you need help to remember all the information you need in order to be a good news reporter.
3. On your paper write 5 sentences about butterflies life cycle in order to inform the town in the local paper.
4. Once writing your sentences draw a picture to show the information you have shared about the butterflies life cycle.
5. When the final draft is complete turn your article in to be published in the paper!!

Topic Literature Activity
The Very Hungry Caterpillar
by Eric Carle


Topic Literature Activity
Using Critical Thinking Questions

 eating caterpillar  Becoming a Butterfly
B.  Questions for Understanding about The Very Hungry Caterpillar:

1.  What is the first stage of becoming a butterfly?
  Does a caterpillar become a butterfly?
3.  What are some of the steps in the life cycle of a butterfly?
4.  What are the different steps that a butterfly goes through?

5.  What is vital for a caterpillar to do to become a healthy butterfly?
C. Critical Thinking Questions based on The Very Hungry Caterpillar:

1.  Think about the book we read and if you were a caterpillar.  What is some of the food you would like to eat before you formed your chrysalis
and why?
2.  If you were a caterpillar and could turn into any type of animal when you came out of your chrysalis, what animal would it be and why?

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