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Designed By: Katie Waller

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My name is Katie Waller, and I am from Lilburn, Georgia.  I am in my second semester of my major classes here at Valdosta State University, in the Interrelated Special Education/Early Childhood Education.  This mean that I will be qualified to teach both Early Childhood Education and Special Education once I graduate.  I am a junior and I plan on graduating with my bachelors in May 2008 and graduating with my masters in May 2009.  I love children and I have always wanted to be a teacher for as long as I can remember.  It is my plan to start teaching in a regular education Kindergarten classroom, with children with special needs.  I plan on going back up to Atlanta, Georgia for my first year of teaching!

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I stay very busy with school and all the work that goes along with it.  When I am not doing school related work, I stay very involved in my sorority, Chi Omega.  I am currently the president of my sorority and this entails alot of work with the Greek Life system at Valdosta State University.  I also love to travel when time allows.  I had the opportunity two summers ago to travel over seas to Thailand and Cambodia for a total of fifteen days.  While in Cambodia, I had the chance to see, Anchor Wat.  This was the most amazing trips I have ever taken and the memories will remaim with me forever.

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There are several websites out there that are great for teachers to use and cen really be helpful.  One page that I often use is known as Web Sites and Resources for Teachers.  This web site is full of usful links to in all sorts of categories that teacher will be teaching in.  Another one is Brain Pop.  I like this web site because not only does it come in use for the teachers, but also the students can use the site and learn about different topics that are being discussed in the classroom.  I know that there are several different sites out there teachers can use; these are just a couple I really enjoy!

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