Welcome to the Nursery of Knowledge
Designed by Katrina Rogers

Katrina in the new baby nursery.

            Hello! Welcome to the Nursery of Knowledge. I've been expecting you! My name is Katrina Rogers and I am currently a student at Valdosta State University, majoring in Early Childhood Education. I recently moved here from South Carolina with my husband, Len. We have been married since May 12, 2007 and were recently stationed here at Moody Air Force Base where my husband is active duty. It is an exciting time for us now because I just gave birth to our first child, a little boy. Jaxton Ray Rogers was born March 19, 2009. Becoming a mother has definitely strengthened my commitment to education and I can't wait to become a teacher.

Katrina decorating the nursery.our ultrasound.Len decorating the nursery.

            In my free time, I absolutely LOVE to read. I can pick up a book from anywhere and relax for hours. My favorite books of all time are those in the Harry Potter series. I have read all seven numerous times and would not part with any of them. I get great joy out of reading when I can escape to an alternate reality and learn things that I never knew before. Even though the story is a fictional one, there is still a great deal of excitement that runs through me when I read it.
        When I'm not at school, my husband and I attend Open Bible Baptist Church very regularly. We value the role that God plays in our lives and look to Him to guide our ways. Without my faith in Him, I know that I could not make it through the day in peace. He is my Rock and my Savior. I strive to do all things to please Him.

picture of Jaxton.picture of me and Jaxton.picture of me and Jaxton.
picture of Jaxton.picture of Jaxton.

           Becoming a teacher has always been my goal. One of the things that I feel so passionate about is passing on my love of learning to young children. I am a life-long learner. I take joy in seeking out knowledge not only for the benefit intellectually, but also for the personal fulfillment that I receive from learning something new. Because of my passion for education, I want to use engaging activities to inspire children to keep learning. One website that I have found to help with this is readwritethink.org. This website is full of fun lessons that integrate some form of the arts to keep the students engaged, especially in the language arts and reading curriculum.
        Even though reading is my passion, I also share a love of math. To be honest, there really isn't a subject that I don't like. Some may be difficult in the beginning, but I always find that I have learned something from a lesson, even if it's the smallest bit of useless information. In order to keep student engaged in all subjects, I recommend kidsites.com.This website has many pages of information about things that interest children like dinosaurs, and space. It also has links for fun activities like online games and crafts that can be done in the classroom. It is very important to keep children thinking and interacting so that they also have something new to learn. That is the ultimate goal of education.

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