Let's Go To The Farm!

This Topic Quest Page was designed for Mrs. Regina Marshall's class at Cook County Primary by Kelli Sapp, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher.

          Topic Quest Introduction

            Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live on a farm?  Many exciting things happen on a farm, and not to mention many different animals live there too!  Check out these links to websites that can tell you all about farms and the animals that live there!

Farm Animals from Alphabet Soup is a great website for those looking for fun puzzles and quizes that have everything to do with farms! Come and play with us now!

 Get the entire family involved with this great website! Not only is The Barnyard Buddies place a great place for kids, but great for the family too!

Kiddy House is a fun and intereactive website for kids!  It is also great to further their farm skills with cool worksheets.

Kids love to color!  Visit farm coloring pages to color your own farm picture!

Join Joe the Dog as he leads us on an exciting trip around the farm.  Have you ever seen a farm through the eyes of a dog?

Would you like to know what certain farm animals sound like?  Click here at sounds to hear any farm animal moo, cluck, or neigh!

Have you ever been on a scavenger hunt?  Click here to take a wild scavenger hunt on the farm!

It is always important to be very careful on a farm to make sure that no one gets hurt.  Check out this think to learn all about farm safety!

Would you like to know any kind of fun fact about farms and the things that go on there? You are just a click away from the online encyclopedia!

Color farm pictures is a great link to beautiful farm pictures.  They almost make you feel like you are there!

Scenario Mission
Imagine that you live on a farm and your city cousin is coming to visit for the week.  Keep in mind that your cousin hasn't ever lived on a farm and is going to need you to show him the ropes.  Refresh yourself at The Barnyard Buddies site and also at farm safety to ensure that you are instructing your cousin to be very cautious on the farm, but to have lots of fun too!

Mission Steps

1. Think of the things you do every day at the farm that include feeding the animals and tending to your crops.

2. Now imagine that you have never seen or heard of a farm or farm animals before.

3. Now draw a picture that shows your city cousin something about farm life or farm safety.
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