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     Seaside Escape
Designed by: Kelli A. Sapp
Hey there!  My name is Kelli.  I am currently attending

Valdosta State University in Valdosta Georgia.    I am an Early

Childhood Education major here at VSU, where I intend on recieving

my degree and using it to teach 1st and 2nd graders one day!


This is my first time at VSU.  I have attended Georgia College

and State University in MIlledgeville, Georgia , as well as Georgia

Military College also in Milledgeville, Georgia.  I was born and raised in Irwinton, Georgia and recently moved to the city of Tifton.

As you can see I LOVE the beach and anything to do with it! 

My family I vacation every year at Amelia Island, Florida.  I also love

being outdoors and all kinds of aniamls.  Besides vacationing at the

beach in Florida, I have been to New York and Mississppi.  However,

Hawaii is a place I have never been but hope to see one day!

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