Fun With Baby Animals
This TopicQuest was designed for Mrs. Moore's Kindergarten class at Clyattville Elementary School By Kayla DeLaune, a Valdosta State University preservice teacher.


Do you know how to match baby animals to the correct mother?  Do you know the names of certain kinds of baby animals?  Visit these websites to learn the names of baby animals and look at pictures of them and their mothers.  You may also get to hear some sounds that animals make.

This website gives you super
information about all kinds of animals!
 Find out what
males, females, and babies of animals are called. 
Also, look at a picture of
each animal.

You can visit this website and
learn the names of animal babies.  There are also
listings for
what a certain group of animals
is called.

Have you ever visited an
 online storybook?
This site tellls you a story about
baby animals and their families.
There are also wonderful pictures
of each animal.

Look at pictures of farm animals
and learn the names
of thier babies. 
Also, click on a button to hear
the sound that
each animal makes.
Have you ever taken a
quiz about baby animals ?
Test your knowledge with this
quick and fun review
of baby animals.

Visit the San Diego Zoo kids page and
learn how to make
animal themed recipes, animal crafts,
and animal science projects.
Also, learn some interestinfg facts
 about all kinds of
different animals.

Take another small quiz on what
ceratin baby animals are called.
After answering each question,
you will learn what other baby animals
 may have that same name.
Do you know what baby animal is called an
infant besides humans?

Have you ever seen a baby animal slide show?
Visit this website to see
 a lot of wonderful pictures of
 baby animals and their parents!

polar bear
Do you like to color?
 Print some cute pictures of
 baby animals to
 color on this page! 

baby seal
Come visit this website to play a
 fun game of rescuing baby animals! 
You can also play a game of
 matching baby animals to the
correct mother.

Pretend you are a member of an animal rescue team.  Your mission is to play the baby animal rescue game and get each animal back to safety. Then, make sure each baby animal is returned back to its mother by correctly matching them together. Last, draw a picture of a baby animal that you helped rescue and name the animal.

Mission Steps:
1. Visit the Baby Animal Rescue webpage and play the animal rescue game.
2. Next, return all of the baby animals to the correct parent by matching each animal with its mother.
3. Then, draw a picture of one of the baby animals you helped rescue and write the name of that animal.
4. Give your picture to your teacher to scan and publish on the internet.

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