Crawling Around
with Bugs

This TopicQuest was designed for Miss Glazer's Kindergarten Class at Quitman Elementary School By Kimberly Evers, a Valdosta State Universtiy Preservice Teacher.

ladybug opening wings

Have you ever wondered about the little bugs you see?  Bugs can live in many places and do many different things.  How have these wonderful creatures become what they are as grow insects?  Come explore bugs you already know and learn about some you may have never seen too!

butterfly flying

Ever wonder what it takes to be a ladybug?  Well at this website you can learn about the ladybugs life-cycle, what parts of the ladubug are called, and other fun facts.
Join Shakey the Caterpillar as he learns everything about being a caterpillar.  You can learn about the special creature he'll become all while playing fun games along the way!
Learn all about butterflies through pictures that show their life-cycle.  You can also learn and review more butterfly information with fun games.
Have you ever wondered why ants are always moving so fast all the time?  Well now you can see just how an ant lives, learn about their bodies, and see their homes.  You can even enjoy reading about the duties of ants.
water strider
Do you know about a special bug that can actually run across water?  Now you can learn about this special bug called a water strider .  At this website you can color your own water strider and learn fun information about this bug aincluding what they eat.
Everyone's heard about those yucky creatures we call roaches.  You can learn fun facts about roaches and even see a scrapbook on roaches.  There is also a story you can read that gives a new perspective on the life of a roach.
Find out about this special insect that lights up the sky.  At this site you can read about where a firefly lives, what they eat, and how you can catch them if they live in your area!
Honey bees are special insects.  Find out about how they make honey and even go see where they live.  This site also has recipes and activities you can print out later about honey bees.
Where do dragonflies live?  Do you know any fun facts about these small insects?  This website can teach you some fun information about this tiny insect.  It also gives interesting information about the dragonfly's life cycle.
Learn about all kinds of different insects.  Some of the bugs you may have already learned about and some will be new.  Find out some fun facts you never knew about insects before!

Since you are a new expert on insects you have been asked to help the local newspaper write about your favorite bug!  Part of your mission will be to draw your favorite insect.  You also will share three reasons why this bug is your favorite.  If you're ready, crawl down to see what order you will do this special misson in!

Mission Steps:

1.  After you have explored all the interesting websites above, you will go to the Lets Talk About Bugs page to help you get some fun facts about bugs.  You may also use the website link above about the insect you choose!

2.  Now that you have chosen your insect, you will do your very best drawing of this little bug.

3.  Your next step is to tell Miss Evers three reasons why this special insect was your favorite you learned about. 

4.  Miss Evers will write down your three favorite things just as you have told her.

5.  Finally Miss Evers will take your special picture and put it on the internet so others can see your wonderful work.

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