The Poky Little Puppy
Author:  Janette Sebring Lowrey
Picture and Story by Kimberly Evers

   poky little puppy

    In this charming story there are five little puppies.  Everyday the puppies would dig a hole under the fence to go explore the world on the other side.  Each time the puppies would go on top of a hill and count to make sure they were all there: one, two, three, four.  However one little poky puppy never made it to the top of the hill because he always could smell, hear, or see dessert at home.  When the puppy's brother's and sisters ran down the hill to see what he was doing he would tell them about the dessert.  After they found out it was time to eat they all ran home where their mother was waiting.  Their mother was very upset they dug out of the yard so she did not allow the puppies any dessert.  One little puppy though, the poky one, always came back later than the others because he took his time coming back.  Since he returned after everyone had gone to bed he saw the dessert that hadn't even been touched and ate it all for himself and would go to bed happy as a lark. 
    This digging continued for a couple days despite signs in the yard telling the puppies to not dig under the fence.  So everyday the puppies would return when the poky one would tell them about dessert that was ready and the puppies always would get punished with no dessert, all except the poky one of course since he returned while everyone slept.  One night though after the four puppies had not received dessert again they decided to fill the hole back up.  Their mother was so pleased when she saw this she gave them dessert.  The poky puppy however had not returned and had to squeeze through a wide place in the fence.  When he got through the fence he saw his four brothers and sisters eating the dessert and there was none left for him.  So the poky little puppy had to go to bed without dessert that night and was very sad.  Finally the next morning the puppies saw a sign reading "NO DESSERTS EVER UNLESS PUPPIES NEVER DIG HOLES UNDER THIS FENCE AGAIN!" 

Critcal Thinking Questions:

1)  Why do you think the poky puppy always took longer than everyone else to get where they were going?

2)  What do you think the puppies did the morning they saw the sign telling them they would receive no dessert ever again if they dug a hole under the fence?

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