Going Bananas for Education
Designed by: Kristine Behland

Baby Monkey and Bird

    My name is Kristine Behland, I am 20 years old and attend Valdosta State University.  I am a junior currently studying in the Early Childhood and Special Education Department.  All my life I've moved around.  I've been to many different states, but also different countries in Asia.  I grew up mostly on a small island in Japan.  Okinawa, Japan was my home for 10 years.  I have never flown across the Atlantic.  I am hoping to visit Europe after college and maybe seek an education career there.  I love traveling even if it might be a big hassle.  It is interesting to see and experience new cultures.  I believe acting and doing enhances learing.  Visiting the many different places has made emphasis on how experiencing can be fun. 
Proboscis Monkey
"When I visit places, I like to go and see the different art that country is famous for."
Gelada Monkeys

     Art is a passion of mine.  I like to draw, color, and paint.  I try to use as many different colors as I can in the pictures I create.  I am inspired by the art work of favorite artists and different events in my every day life.  Art is a way I express my feelings.  It helps keep my heart young and my mind sane. I enjoy photography because it is captivating.  The ability to capture the natural world through pictures is amazing.  The moments that may never happen again can be preserved with a push of a button.  Art may not be my strength, but I enjoy the creative and relaxing escape it provides.  I am in a different world if I am viewing art in an art gallery or simply doodling in a notebook. 

Gorilla Reading "The Origin of Man"

    In my opinion, a person cannot learn from only reading books.  Nor can a person learn everything through the lectures their teacher or instructor give.  It takes experience to obtain the knowledge a person needs to survive and function.  People are curious, without curiousity the world would not have cars, or even electricity.  It only takes one person to have the courage to step up and take the challenge to make a difference.  My goal in life is to be the person who takes the challenge to encourage and educate the people who will be curious enough to make differences. 

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