Our Community Helpers

This TopicQuest was designed for Mrs. Wisenbaker's Kindergarten Class
at Quitman Elementary School
By Janet Hasenfelt,

a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher

There are many people in the community where we live that help us.  These people are called Community Helpers.  Police men and fire fighters help keep us safe.  Doctors and dentists help keep us healthy.  The mailperson delivers our mail, and the baker makes us delicious cakes!  Can you think of anyone else who helps us out in our community?


   Fire fighters help protect us against many dangers by racing in their fire engines
to many different types of emergencies.  They are called on to put out fires, or help
 people who have been in an accident.  Fire fighters give us tips on how to stay safe.

  Police officers help keep us safe.  They can ride in their police car or walk around
in a store.  Some police officers even have a police dog!  Have you ever ridden in a
police car?


  Mail carriers deliver our mail. Sometimes they  walk to houses and sometimes
they drive to houses.  They deliver letters, magazines, and even junkmail!  Have you
 ever gotten a letter in the mail?  What did it say?

  Doctors help us when we get sick.  Sometimes we don't want to go to the doctor
because we are afraid.  But we don't have to be because we know he  will help us get
better.  The doctor tells us what medicine to take to get better and he also tells us
 what we should eat to stay healthy.

    Teachers are special people who help us learn about all kinds of things. School
is so much fun!  Think about all of the things you have learned this year and all of
the friends you have made!

 Bakers make us wonderful, tasty  treats.  Did you know that bakers make
birthday cakes and wedding cakes and all kinds of cakes!  Bakers use
all kinds of different ingredients to make delicious food.
Can you think of any?

Mission Activity

Now that you have learned about some community helpers,  are you ready to go on a mission?
 Let's pretend that you are a firefighter and you are visiting a classroom of kindergarten students.  You want to teach them about some safety measures that they will need to learn in case they are ever in a fire. 
Take your students through the website we looked at above about firefighters and then have them draw a picture of what they should do if they are ever involved in a fire.

Mission Steps

1.  Go to the firefighter link and talk  about what the clown says about fire safety.

2.  Talk about what  you should do in case of a fire.

3.  Have your teacher help to demonstrate what you should do in case of a fire.

4.   Everyone take a piece of construction paper and crayons.

Draw a picture about what you would do if you were ever in a fire.

6.   Share your picture with the class and act out the picture.

7.  Take your pictures home and share them with your parents.

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