The Little Pumpkin

Paint Picture & Story Designed by Janet Hasenfelt

It was only two days before Halloween and Peter the pumpkin did not have a home.  He had been sitting in Prim's pumpkin patch for almost a whole month.  Peter would get excited every time a little boy or girl would come over and look at him.  But every time the little boy or girl would pick another pumpkin.  He was so sad.  I am so little that no one wants me, cried Peter.   Maybe if I had tried harder to grow someone would have picked me! Peter thought. As the night grew near Peter began to weep because he knew that there was only one more day before Halloween.  

That night Peter had a dream about a little girl who came to the pumpkin patch  looking for just the right pumpkin.  She was dressed as a Princess and Peter noticed that she had a big bandage wrapped around her one arm.  He had never seen anything like that before and he wondered what was wrong with the little girl.  Peter watched as she searched all of the pumpkins that were left.  As she came closer Peter could hear her say, No momma that one is too tall, or No momma that one is to fat.  Peter knew that when she reached him she would say, No momma that one is too little.   Just then Peter woke as he felt the warmth of the sun shining on him and realized that it was morning. 

It was the day before Halloween and instead of thinking about himself, all Peter could think about was his dream and the little girl.  As the day wore on Peter began to notice that Mr. Prim was acting funny.  He kept watching all of the cars, as if he were waiting for someone in particular.  Suddenly Mr. Prim's face lit up with the biggest smile Peter had ever seen.  Peter looked and there coming into the pumpkin patch was the little girl in his dream!  Mr. Prim hugged the child and Peter could hear him say, "I am so glad you made it out of the hospital in time for Halloween Susie.  Come and pick any pumpkin you want."   Peter watched the little girl go around with her mother and look at the pumpkins.  When she reached Peter she bent down and picked him up. " This pumpkin is perfect," the little girl said, as she held Peter in her one arm. "Look momma, I can hold this pumpkin in my good hand!"  Peter smiled because knew he had found a home for Halloween.  


Critical thinking questions to ask students that would change your story to their story:
1.  How would you change the main character?  (Introduction)
2.  Where would your story take place? (Setting)
3.  What would happen to the main character in your story? (Plot)
4.  How would your story end?  (Ending)

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