Turkey Time!

This TopicQuest was designed for Ms. Patrick's Kindergarten Class at Parker Mathis Elementary School
By Jennifer Topper, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher


Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays! This site is dedicated to learning all you can about Thanksgiving and its traditions. Feel free to explore the page and have lots of fun while looking around! Don't forget to go on the mission at the bottom!

Want to know more about the first Thanksgiving? Than check out this site that talks about the Pilgrams and the indians!
Interested in learning what the pilgrams wore for the first Thanksgiving? Then check this website on Pilgrim clothes!
Interested in having some Thanksgiving fun? Then check out this site that is filled with Thanksgiving games!
Food There are so many different ways to celebrate Thanksgiving. Do you want to learn more? Click on this link to learn about the history of Thanksgiving and its celebrations.
Carving Turkey
Do you want to learn different Thanksgiving recipies to help cook on Thanksgiving? Then this is the link for you!
Interested on learning a whole lot about Thanksgiving, some of its customs, and even the origin? Then click on this link to find all this information and more from Encarta!
Running Turkey
Mission Activity

You have been selected to become part of a time travel team! You will be going back to the very first Thanksgiving dinner. In order for you to go back in time, you must first be able to dress in the same time period! You must go to the link that describes what the Pilgrams used to wear and then draw a picture of the clothes you will be wearing!

Mission Steps

1. We are going to begin by going to the website that describes what Pilgrams used to wear. Click on this picture to go to the website. Bonnet

2. After we look at the information, we will get some paper and begin to draw a picture of what the pilgrams used to wear.

3. We will then share with the class what we thought that we should wear and then give the teacher the pictures to hang around the class.

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Crazy Turkey
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