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                 With Me

This TopicQuest was designed for Daylynn and Austin
By Jerri Lynn Spivey, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher


Do you know your ABC's?  How about the order the letters appear in the alphabet?  Maybe you know your ABC's but you just need a little practice.  Here are some wonderful websites.  Have fun exploring these sites and learn all you can about your ABC's!


1.Do you want to learn about your ABC's?  Learn letter names and the order of the alphabet HERE!

Cookie Monster
2.Do you know all of your letters?  Let's review them one day at a time.  Click here to visit with Cookie Monster and review the letter of the day.
3.Do you like to read?  Click here to read an antimated story of the alphabet.
4.Do you know the letters of the alphabet?  Let's play a letter matching game.  Click here to begin.
teddybearAlphabet Fun
5.Do you want to have fun with the alphabet?  Join Billy Bear and discover the fun in learning the alphabet.
6.Do you know what an encyclopedia is used for?  Go to this site to learn the history of the alphabet and lots of other information too.

Mission Activity
Alphabet City has just experienced something horrible and they need your help.  A terrible wind knocked down every sign in town.  The letters that made up all the words around town are now scattered everywhere.  The town's mayor needs you to search around town for all of the scattered letters and bring them back to the town square.  Once you get all of the letters rounded up, the mayor has requested that you put the first five letters of the alphabet in the correct order. If you need help getting the first five letters back in alphabetical order you might take a look
hereGood luck!

Mission Steps
1) First, visit the Learning Planet website.
2) At this site, click on the ABC order game and practice putting your letters in alphabetical order.
3) Once you think you know the first five letters of the alphabet, in the correct order, I want you to write those letters on a piece of paper. I would also like for you to draw a picture of what Alphabet Town looked like with all of the letters scattered about. 
4) After you have completed your letters and picture, I will post them on the Internet for everyone to see.
Great Job!

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