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The Life Cycles Of Frogs
This TopicQuest was designed for Mrs. Rice's Guided Reading Class at S.L. Mason Elementary School by Julie Roberts, a Valdosta State Preservice Teacher


Do you know where frogs come from? What are tadpoles? Are tadpoles really baby frogs? Come check out these links with me. We are sure to find out.


The Australian Museum Online
explains lots of really cool things about frogs.  This website shows how frog's tongues work.  It also describes the different types of frogs.
The Frog Life Cycle
website describes the frog's life cycle. This website goes into to detail about each step in a frog's developement.

This website is really cool. The Frog Metamorphisis
shows real pictures of a frog's life cycle. This website shows exactly what happens in real life!

Have you ever raced paper frogs? Take a look at Origami Super Frogs. This website is sure to make you hop!

Do you like to play checkers? Come check out Froggy Checkers.
This website puts a twist on an awesome game.

What all do you know about the life cycle of frogs? Find out what kids your age are learning and drawing about.

What all do you know about frogs? This website, all about frogs is dedicated to revealing cool facts and myths about frogs.


The Encarta Encyclopedia is an encyclopedia that gives more information about the life cycle of a frog. It gives a great summary of all the facts that you need to know about the life cycle.

Something Froggy is a kid friendly website that has wonderful pictures. Each picture takes you through each separate phase of the life cycle.  The  pictures have sort summaries attached.
frog Can you draw a diagram of the frog life cycle?
Hop to It illustrates an excellent diagram. It also tells  the wonderful story of how tadpoles become frogs


Scenario Mission

Pretend that you are a famous scientist, and that frogs have never been studied before.  Your mission is to undergo extreme measures, and describe the life cycle of a frog. Although the conditions are going to be slightly wet, I have faith in you.

Steps to Complete your Mission

Look at the website Hop To It .
Using paper and crayons draw a picture of a frog and one other life cycle.
Explain your drawing, and tell what other stage you chose and why.
Teach your classmates of your discovery.

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