This topicquest page is designed for Mrs. Harrisons kindergarten class at Cook County Primary School by Joy Butler, a Valdosta State University pre service teacher.

  Fire safety is very important to know.  Do you know what to do if a fire were to break out?  Do you know what you would do if your cloths were to catch on fire?  Listed below are some web sites to help you learn about fire safety. 

Learn more about fire safety with games and activities with this link  fire safety. It helps children to get interested in fire safety.
Use games and fun field activities to help learn more about  fire trucks. This is a great site for children to have fun and learn.
Everyone loves Smokey Bear.  You can use this site to help you find out information on  Smokey Bear.

Here are some great activities to help with learning
safety tips. You will love playing games and learning.

This is a great site. Go to encyclopedia to get help with any question.
If you have question regarding Stop Drop and Roll
just go to this site.  It will help you understand exactly what you are supposed to do.

If you want to know facts about fires this is a great site to go to.  Fire extinguisher safety site is good at explaining where fires beginning and it quizzes kids on what they know.

If you would like some color pages to help illustrate do's and don'ts this is a great site.  It has great coloring pages to help the children visualize.
Escaping is very important. If you  want to know how to survive a fire go to this web site.
Learn all you need to know about how to prevent a fire by clicking on fire safety tips.  It helps you remember what you need to do.

Scenario Mission:
Imagine you are a fireman.  You are called to a fire.  When you get dressed you ride in a fire truck.  I want you to imagine what your fire truck looks like.  I want you to draw me what you think your fire truck should look like. Now using the web page fire trucks you can draw your own fire truck.

1. Go to the web site fire trucks and go to the picture about fire trucks.
2. I want you to explore the different sections of the fire truck.  When you feel like you can draw your own then go ahead. I want you to take your time and do your best.  I will be displaying your picture on my web-page for others to see.
3. When your finished bring me your picture.
4. Now you can tell the class what you've learned today!

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