Topic Mini-Research & Literature Activities for the topic of Numbers
This Topic Mini-Research and Leiterature Web page was developed for Mrs. Connie's Pre-K class at Cook County Primary
School designed by Julie Johnson at Valdosta State University.


Do you enjoy counting things?
Then come count apples on this site.

Have you ever wanted a robot?
Come help these robots get put in the right spot.

Do you like animals?
Come learn to count by counting your favorite animals.

Want to count different objects?
Count and select the correct number of items.

Topic Relate Literature Activity

We are writing our very own book!!


In Miss Julie's number activity we will be pretending that we are an author and illustrator of a book.  We will be constructing our own number book from one to ten.  Just like a real author and illustrator we will come up with your own story to go along with your book.  We will discuss each number and how to write them.  We will also be publishing our book.  We will have a book signing day for parents to come and see our books and have a chance to get the original singed by the authors themselves-you!  Good luck and have fun.

Steps for Numbers Real-World Activity

1.  First we will practice what numbers look like.  We will need to visit the counting link.
2.  Once we have plenty of practice we can begin writing out our numbers.
3.  I will give a piece of construction paper to you for you to write each number 1-10.
4.  Next we will visit the counting robots link for more practice.
5.  Next we will draw pictures to illustrate the numbers.  You will need to come up with your own ideas about what to draw.
6.  Once your books are complete they will be bound and laminated.
7.  As a reward for all of the hard work you did your parents can come in for a "book signing"

Topic-Relate Literature Activity

mouse count

Topic Literature Acticity Critical Thinking Questions
1)  If you were one of the mice what other way would you plan to escape and why do you think it would work.
2)  What lesson do you think the snake learned when he left the mice in the jar.


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