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I was born and raised in Marietta. I have been married twenty years to the most beautiful Georgia Girl. We have four wonderful children together ranging from high school to elementary. We have an even ratio of boys to girls. Can you figure out how many we have of each?

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      I am an avid coke collector. I have over 600 different coke bottles and hundreds of other coke memorabilia. I love to coach and play soccer, basketball, tennis and golf.
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I current teach 10th and 11th grade students. I will teach one class of Math III Support in the Fall and Math III in the Spring. College bound cardinals must take 4 years of Math. That means that these two classes are critical for your future success. Math III Support is even more critical because it was designed to prepare students for the Georgia High School Graduation Test, GHSGT. Keep up with your child's progress on the Department of Education Website



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