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Hello, I'm James Hennly. I am a Junior at Valdosta State University, pursuing a career in Early Childhood Education. Through education, I would like to instill in each child that we never stop learning and there is always room to grow. I hope they will understand their school, as well as myself are simply tools they have access to, which they can use for successfully obtaining their desired goals in life, and likewise a productive place within society. I feel, through mutual respect, a relaxed classroom environment, and a great understanding for individual student needs, my role as a teacher will produce a happy, more fulfilling educational experience, and will likewise teach the student skills and knowledge they will not only carry on to the next grade level, but with them throughout the rest of their lives.

I have been married for fifteen years and have three wonderful children , Joshua 14, Travis 12, and Nicholas 9. Recently,  my wife introduced me to my new found hobby, motorcycles, after having purchased one of her own. She and I plan small trips exploring the surrounding area together while the children are in school. I also enjoy changing the look of my bike and track all of the modifications on my blog at vstar-650.blogspot. My eldest son already looks forward to having a motorcycle of his very own. Although, straying from Dad's cruiser style bike, he insists on having a sport bike that is built for speed. I think we will have to talk more about that as the time draws near.
Prior to my decision of becoming a teacher I drove a truck. I enjoyed my time as a truck driver, however, my wife and I have always planned for my return to college. While I worked, she raised our children, thus insuring they always had loving support whenever they may have needed it. Now that they have grown into self sufficient young men, my wife assumes the financial responsibilities so that I can concentrate on school work.

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I view teaching as a gift, offering many great rewards. With this gift however, also comes the burden of responsibility. Teachers must ensure their lessons promote growth and education in every way possible. The following websites,  teachers.net and  busyteacherscafe are designed to help not only new teachers, but can likewise benefit experienced teachers, alleviating a few of the bumps in the road on the journey of education.

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