The Circle of Life

This Topic Quest was designed for Mrs. McConnell's Kindergarten class at Turner County Elementary by Jennifer Alberson, a Valdosta State University Pre-Service Teacher


A life cycle is the stages that occur in a plant or animal's lifetime.  A life cycle is a circle that has no end, one life ends and another begins.  Some animals don't change much as they grow while others look very different in their stages of growth.  All species reproduce young that will look just like them.

Ever wonder where a butterfly comes from? Butterflies go through four life stages, and they look very different at each stage. Click here to find out more!
Would you like to create your own butterfly?  At BillyBear4Kids you can find lots of fun activities. 
Frogs and toads live on land and in the water. They begin life in the water. Visit Kiddyhouse  to find the stages of their life.
There are lots of fun frog activities at Chateau Meddybemps.
The female turtle lays from two to seven eggs and buries them in the moist-land. Click here to find out what happens next.
Enjoy these fun turtle activities at All About Turtles!
Do you think eggs are only for breakfast? Click here to find out their job.
The grasshopper has three stages of growth. It begins life as a tiny egg.View the stages at this website.
Did you know that the adulthood cycle of an elephant is similar to that of a human. Click here to learn more!
Lot's of information about butterfies can be found in an encyclopedia.

                              Scenario Mission

 Your mission is to discover the stages in the life of a butterfly. Pretend that you are an entomologist and you on a quest to find each stage of its development.
  You have been selected to share all that you have learned with other students at your school. Create a picture of each stage in the life of the butterfly.

Mission Steps

1.Explore with your teacher this website to gather information about the life span of a butterfly.
2.Identify and draw the four stages in the butterfly's life cycle.
3.Create the butterfly's life cycle by putting the stages in order from beginning to end.
4.Drawings will be published on the Internet. 

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