ABC...Come Learn with Me!
This TopicQuest was designed for Ms. Stewart's Kindergarten class at Sallas Mahone Elementary School designed by Jessica Peters, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher.


1.  So, you know your ABC's?  Can you think of an object that starts with each letter of the alphabet?  Check this website to see if you guessed right!

2.  Like Dinosaurs?  Well, now you can learn the ABC's of Dinosaurs from this cool website

3.  Now that you know the ABC's, how are you with whole words?  Let's see if you are able to sound out the missing letters in these words.

4.  How are you with rhyming words?  Not all words that rhyme end they same way, but they SOUND like they end the same.  Can you pick out the rhyming words on this site?

5.  Want to know where our alphabet comes from?  Check this website to learn!

Mission Activity

Rhyme Tyme Town has a thief among it citizens!  All of their beautiful art has been stolen.  It is up to you to replace the art that goes with each rhyming song. 
The town's mayor promises a rhyming party in your honor, if you can replace the art!  Are you up for the task?  Also, the mayor wants you to identify each rhyming word in the songs so the tourists know the rhyming words too.  For help, look to this website. 

Mission Activity Steps

First, visit the Go Kidding website to find a rhyme that you like.

Second, once you decde on a rhyme, print the rhyme out and think of what pictures you are going to draw to go along with the story.  Make sure the pictures belong with the words in the rhyme. 

Third, don't forget to underline each of the rhyming words in the rhyme.

Lastly, I will be putting your stories and pictures on the Internet, so make sure they are award winning!

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