Space Cadets
This TopicQuest was designed for Jesse and Luke at Okapilco Elementary School By Jolie Vargas, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher


3,2,1.... Blast off!  Are you ready to explore the planets?  Well, strap on your space suit and get ready for the ride of your life!  We are about to embark on a space adventure .  We will explore all the planets and find out interesting things, like how much you would weigh on each planet and the temperatures that each planet reaches.  Hang on because we are headed for outer space!!!!!

If you really enjoy playing games, click here to play Astro lingo!  You will put two words together to form a real "spacey" lingo!
There are nine cool planets.  This website will give you all kinds of awesome information on all the planets!
Have you ever wondered how much you would weigh on Mars?  This website will help you determine your weight on all nine planets!
Do you like to make things?  This site has an incredible solar system model that you can make at home.
Be a real astronaut.  Click on this website to see the planets from different types of spacecraft!
Play switch-a-roo with the planets.  Mix and match all parts of the planets to form all nine that are in the solar system.
This website shows us ways that we can explore the planets.  Are you ready to begin your exploration?
Have you ever wondered how planets got their names?  Click here and find out the history behind naming the planets!
Can you see the planets at night?  If not, take a look here and see what each planet looks like during the night.
Click on this website and look up the word "planet."  You will find great information on the planets, including the temperatures of each.
Do you like to color?  Well, you can have your own coloring book of the planets if you click here!

Scenario Mission
Imagine that you are an astronaut that has just discovered a new planet.You want to tell all of your friends about it because they have never heard of the planet before.  This is going to be a difficult challenge, but with the help of your teacher and this website on the different planets, I know you will rise and exceed this challenge that you have been given.  Remember that planets come in all shapes and sizes.  After you have studied the planets, draw a picture of the planet that you have discovered on a piece of paper and give it to your teacher so that it may be put on the internet to share with all your other space buddies!!!!!!

Mission Steps

1.  Visit this website to study each planet.
2.  After studying, think about what you would like for your planet to look like.
3.  Draw your planet on a piece of paper.
4.  Give your picture to your teacher.
5.  Have tons of fun!

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