The Very Lonely Firefly
By Eric Carle
Designed by Jolie Vargas


The Very Lonely Firefly is a book about belonging.  Everyone needs to know that they belong to a family or group.  In this book, a firefly is very lonely and begins to look for other fireflies.  First, he sees a light and flies towards it.  The firefly is very sad when he finds that the light is only a light bulb lighting up the sky.  He then sees another light and filled with hope he flies towards it.  Once again he is saddened when he finds a candle flickering in the night.  The firefly continues his search, but over and over again is disappointed when he finds a flashlight, a lantern, eyes of an owl, lights on a car, and fireworks.  Despite his sadness, the firefly does not give up but he continues searching until finally he finds what he had been searching for all along.....a group of fireflies flashing their lights.
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