Searching The Sea
This TopicQuest was designed for Mrs. Wisenbaker's Kindergarten Class at Quitman Elementary School
by Jeremy Wilkes, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher


The ocean is a natural wonder that contains many types of life.  This web page has lots of information about the types of animals that live in the ocean.  As we explore, we can learn many facts about the creatures of the sea.

Are you ready to search for sharks!  This website has games and information about the deadly predators of the sea.
Have you ever wondered what types of food this creature eats? Visit this site for information about the octopus. 
Have you been to this side of the ocean yet? This section of the sea has many fun facts and pictures of dolphins. 

What is a seahorse? Is this really a marine creature? This site contains pictures of different types of seahorses.
Submarine Adventure
Now that you are searching for some interesting types of creatures in the sea, click on this website to use a submarine to search for sea creatures.

Have you ever wondered how long fish live?  Do you know if fish have teeth? This is an entertaining website that contains vast information about different creatures that live in the sea. 

Mission Activity
 Your mission, if you choose to accept it,  is to use a special  submarine to explore the deep blue ocean. The national marine institute has asked you to bring back a picture of a dolphin.
You will study the dolphins at
this part of the ocean.  You will have to draw a picture of this creature and color it.  This picture will be given to the local marine biology institute for study.

Mission Steps

1.  Put on your swimming gear and enter the submarine.
2.  Search the Dolphin Website to find your special creature.
3.  You will receive a special piece of Construction paper from the teacher to draw the picture on.
4.  You will write or dictate one or two facts about dolphins.
5. You will give the finished picture to Mrs. Wisenbaker.

6.  I will scan the picture to the Internet website.

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