Applied microbiology/phycology



Participating students: Jason Geddings, Vidushi Gupta, Ben Hortman, Anastasia Nienow, Emily Olsen, Anna Sanford, Kalie Sutter, Justin Schick

Recent Publications

Manning, T. J., G. Abadi, K. Bishop, KG. McLeod,  Bullock, G. Kean, D. Grant, S.Anderson, K.Cooper-White, S. Sermons, O. Patel, D.Phillips, T. Potter, J. Nienow.  In press. Production of ET743, Bryostatin, and Taxol Using a Mineral Based Microbial Amplification System: A Preliminary Study.


Manning, T. J., G. Abadi, J. A. Nienow, E. Lochner, K. Riddle, D. Phillips, and D. A. Kring. 2006. A meteor impact in the classroom? A micro and nano view of the thermite reaction.  Chemical Educator 11:271-280.

Manning, T. J., J. Purcell, J. A. Nienow, E. Olsen, K. Riddle, and J. Ekman. 2005. A Comparison of Diatoms, Exfoliated Graphite, Single Wall Nanotubes, Multiwall Nanotubes and Silica for the Synthesis of the Nanomagnet Mn12. Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 5:167-174.

North, J. M., T. J. Manning, J. Purcell, J. A. Nienow, E. Olsen, N. S. Dalal, K. Riddle, J. Ekman. 2004. Exfoliated graphite and ozonated single-wall nanotubes for encapsulation of the single-molecule magnet Mn12. Carbon 42:199-203.

Nienow, J. A. 2000.  Preliminary development and evaluation of an algae-based air regeneration system. Life Support and Biosphere Science 7:203-206.



A sediment dominated system to produce bryostatins with T. Manning, G. Abadi, S. Anderson, K. Cooper-White, D. Phillips, T. Potter, Klausmeyer, Newman. Presented by T. Manning  at the Latin-American Congress on Chemistry, Biochemistry and Chemical Engineering, Havana, Cuba, October12 - 15, 2009

Electron microscope studies of the marine bacteria correlated with bryostatin production -- w ith G. Abadi, T. Potter, T. J. Manning, P. Groundwater, L. Noble, D. Phillips, R. Goddard, J. Purcell, A. G. Marshall, and C. Nilson. Presented by G. Abadi at the Southeastern Regional Meeting of the American Chemical Society, Greenville, North Carolina, October 24-27, 2007


Tracking bacterial growth in a bryostatin microbial broth -- with J. Geddings, T. Irwin, T. Manning, G. Abadi, D. Phillips, L. Noble, and P. Groundwater.  Presented by J. Geddings at the 231st ACS National Meeting in Atlanta, Georgia, March 26-30, 2006.

The Hunt for Bryostatin: Is Bugula nertina simply a colonization surface for marine bacteria -- with T. J. Manning, G. Abadi, R. Loftis, J. Geddings, P. Albritton, W. Palen, K. Jones, N. Kasali, T. Irwin, N. Richardson, J. Smith, S. Berilonson, J. Rudloe, L. Noble, P. Groundwater, I. Barton, J. Bryant, D. Phillips, and A. Asadchev. Presented by T. Manning at the 7th Winter Conference on Medicinal and Bioorganic Chemistry in Clearwater Beach, Florida, February 26 through March 1, 2006.

Effects of nano-sized particles of copper oxide (CuO) on Selenastrum capricornutum (Chlorophyta). A. E. Sanford, J. A. Nienow, and T. J. Manning.  Presented by A. E. Sanford at the 82st Annual Meeting of the Georgia Academy of Science, Gordon College, Barnesville, Georgia, April 1-2, 2005

From diatoms to nanotechnology--investigations of parameters that influence formation of siliceous nanospheres -- with E. A. Olsen, A. Sanford, and T. Manning. Presented by E. Olsen at the 81st Annual Meeting of the Georgia Academy of Science, Berry College, March 26-27, 2004.

A comparison of diatoms, exfoliated graphite, single wall nanotubes, multiwall nanotubes and silica for the synthesis of the nanomagnet Mn12 -- with T. J. Manning, J. Purcell, N. Dalal, M. North, E. Olsen, K. Riddle, and J. Ekman. Presented at the 17th North American Diatom Symposium, Islamorada, Florida, October 22-25, 2003.

High voltage discharge in the production of organic salts -- with E. Olsen, A. Sanford, T. Manning, and L. Chamberlin.  Presented by E. Olsen at the 80th Annual Meeting of the Georgia Academy of Science, Reinhardt College, Waleska, Georgia, March 21-22, 2003.