Rain Rain Go Away!
This Topic Quest was designed for Mrs. Dean's First Grade Class at Moulton Branch Elementary School By Jennifer DeLoach, a Valdosta
State University Pre service Teacher


 Are you ready to explore all of the different types of weather?. Well put on your rain jacket and let's soak up all the knowledge that we can. Come along with me and we will learn about weather together. Thunder rolls and lighting strikes let's get started or we will be here all night. I have sites to explore and we are about to enter weather galore.


Do you think you know everything there is to know about clouds?  If you do click here to test your knowledge of the clouds. Take your cloud quiz here. Can you see your face in the clouds? 
Would you like to play weather games? Click here and play all kind of games with weather.You also find all the different types of weather here.
What comes up when the rain comes down? Check this site out for the answer.Have some fun in the sun. Visit this site and you will find ton of weather jokes like the one above.
Have you ever been struck by lighting? Well Sabrina is a girl who has and she wants to share some safety tips with you. If you want to read her story about being struck by lighting visit this site.
Did you know that no two snow flakes were alike? To find out more interesting facts about snowflakes visit this site.
Do you have a hurricane named after you? Check out this site and find out. You can also find out how hurricanes are named.
How are tornadoes formed?How fast do tornadoes travel across land? This web site will give the speed of a tornado and much more.
This web site is run by Sunny and she has great things to share with you about the weather. Sunny wants you to visit so she can shine on you.
What is weather to you? Check out this on-line encyclopedia and find out exactly what weather is.

Don't Get Lost In The Clouds We Have Work To Do!


Scenario Mission:
Wacky Weather Reporter
 Your are a reporter for The Wacky Weather Journal. Your new boss has left you in charge of the weather for the week. You are to gather facts and pictures to print in this week's journal. The web site below will be helpful in gathering the information you need. Remember that you want to impress your boss so do your best work. Your boss also said that you could include an article about your favorite type of weather and why.

Click on the picture to explore site

How to Compete Your Mission:

1. First we are going to explore the web site above to gather our facts and pictures about the weather.

2.After gathering our information you are going to draw and describe three different types of weather. 

3.Now you can chose what your favorite type of weather is and draw a picture of it and tell why.

4.Remember to do your best work for your new boss.

5.Give your drawings to your teacher so she can scan and publish them on the Internet.

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