Ten Little Ladybugs
By Melanie Gerth
Designed by Jennifer DeLoach
    Ten little ladybugs sitting on a vine, along came a butterfly- then there were nine.
    Nine little ladybugs skipping on a gate, along came a caterpillar-then there were eight.
    Eight little ladybugs looking up at heaven, along came a bird- then there were seven.
    Seven little ladybugs resting on sticks, along came a grasshopper- then there were six.
    Six little ladybugs flying near a hive, along came a bumblebee- then there were five.
    Five little ladybugs sleeping by the shore, along came a fish- then there were four.
    Four little ladybugs climbing up a tree, along came a turtle- then there were three.
 Three little ladybugs drinking up dew, along came a duck - then there were two.
    Two little ladybugs basking in the sun, along came a frog- then there was one.
    One little ladybug sitting all alone, along came a breeze- then she was HOME!
(1). Have you ever seen a ladybug?

(2). What bug other than a ladybug could we use in this book?

(3).  Why would you use that kind of bug? (more critical thinking)



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