School Days
  Hello, my name is Jennifer DeLoach, and I am attending Valdosta  State University in Valdosta, Georgia.  My major is Early Childhood Education, and I plan to teach elementary level students when I graduate spring 2004.
  When I am not at school I am at home with my husband, Austin, and my daughter, Alora Gail.  We live in Homerville, GA.  My husband is the pastor of Southside  Baptist Church in Lakeland, GA.  My daughter and I love to plant flowers in our yard. When we are not planting flowers we can be found shopping in Jacksonville, FL.
I believe that children are our future, and I am excited about having the opportunity to influence them.  Children are precious,so we should view their education the same way.  I believe that each child should have an equal opportunity for education.
    Let's Go to School!!

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