Having Fun With Farm Animals
This Topic Mini-Research Lesson was developed for
 Mrs. Browning's Kindergarten Class at Lanier County Elementary School
Designed by Nicole Clark, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher


Do you know what kind of animals live on a farm?
Click here to learn what animals live on the farm and their babies names to. The animals also make sounds.

Did you know that milk comes from a cow? Take the Virtual Tour and find out how.
Did you know what sounds farm animals make? Click here to listen to some animal sounds.
Have you ever ridden a horse before? Click here to view all the diffrent types of patterns a horses coat can have.
Have extra time:
Click here and create your own farm with the animals of your choice.

Topic Mini-Research Real World Activity
Today you are going to pretend you are a farmer and you need to pick out some animals to go on your farm. What type of animals would you like to go on your farm? Lets take a look at some different animals and see what their characteristics are. After we look at the farm animals, you will need to pick your favorite two that you want to live on your farm. We will then draw a picture and write two sentences for each animal you chose. When finished, Mrs. Nicole will put the drawings of your farm animals on the Internet for everyone to see.

Steps to Complete Real World Activity
1. Go to Kid's Farm to take a look at all the different animals that could possibly live on your farm.
2. Pick your favorite two animals that you would like to have on the farm.
3. Draw a picture of both of your farm animals.
4. Write a description for each animal.
  • Write a sentence telling what colors your animals are.
  • Write a sentence telling what sound one of your animals make.
5. Turn your paper into Mrs. Nicole, and she will display your farm animal pictures on the Internet.

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