Havin' Fun with Bread and Butter!
This TopicQuest was designed for Mrs. Ranee Haynes's Pre-K Class at Moody Air Force Base
 Child Development Center By Megan Sutton, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher

bread and butter

Have you ever eaten bread or butter? Of course you have. Bread and butter are both important parts of your daily diet. But have you ever wondered where bread and butter come from or how they are made? If so, this is the perfect website for you! It was designed so you can find out all about bread and butter. You can click on the links below and learn what happens when bread is made. You'll find out what happens at the farm, the mill, and the bakery. You can also find out how butter is made. In addition to all the fun facts you will learn, there are several links to fun activities and games you can do with bread and butter. So, go ahead and start havin' fun with bread and butter!

Botham's Kids Corner tells how bread is made from start to finish. You can learn what happens at the farm, the mill, and the bakery. When you are done reading about bread, check out the really cool activities you can do with an adult.
boy making bread
Did you know that you can make bread with peanut butter and potatoes? Check out those tasty recipes and more at Breadworld.
bread slices
This site has a great puzzle game. Play Breadtris, and you'll have "loaves" of fun!
Have you ever wondered how butter is made? Read all about the butter making process at Webexhibits. Then ask an adult to help you make your very own butter in a jar.
bread pan
Do you know what a panetonne looks like? Go to Jodeli's Bakery and see a picture of a panetonne and other types of bread.
purple toaster
You can find out more about bread, butter, and many other things at Encarta. This site also has links to pictures and fun quizzes.

Mission Activity
The Bread Bakers of America are in trouble! They need help creating a new type of bread. You have been chosen to help
them. Your mission is to visit
Breadworld and look at the different recipes and pictures of bread on their website.
You will bring back the names of three breads that you found at Breadworld. Then you will create your very own unique bread recipe and design
making you an official member of Bread Bakers of America!

Mission Steps
     1. You will visit Breadworld and look at the different bread             recipes and pictures.
    2. Write down the names of three different breads you saw on         the website.
    3. Write a tasty recipe for your new type of bread.
    4. Draw your new bread design on a piece of white paper using             crayons, markers, or colored pencils.
    5. Give your new bread recipe and design to your teacher to share         with the rest of your class.
    Congratulations! You are now an official member of Bread Bakers     of America!

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