Dog Breath! The Horrible Trouble With Hally Tosis
By Dav Pilkey
Paint Picture and Story Designed by Megan Sutton

Dog breath

The Tosis family had a dog named Hally. The family loved Hally Tosis, but she had very, very bad breath. Everything and everyone tried to avoid Hally and her bad breath.

One day, Grandma Tosis came to visit the family. Hally jumped on Grandma and barked at her. Hally's bad breath made Grandma Tosis faint.

The Tosis family decided that they had to do something with Hally. So, they     decided to find her a new home. This made the Tosis children very sad, so they went on an adventure to find a cure for Hally's bad breath.

      Critical thinking questions:
      1. Why do you think Hally Tosis had such bad breath?
      2. If you wrote this story, how would you make it end?

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